Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long Overdue Entry..

Sunday 30 August 2009

8 Months since I last blogged! I have to be more diligent!

So many things have happened, where do I start? Lemme see...first of all, the Sulaiman family suffered a lost...our dear Mak Ngah, Hjh Badariah Hj Sulaiman has passed away early this month, just before the fasting was a sudden lost, as she had never had any major health issues except for her constant pain in the leg...she was a loving auntie, mother and sister to us all, and her demise will be sorely missed. She always had a smile for all of us and I remember when I was much younger, dad would drop us off at her small little flat in Jalan Kuching to be baby sat...there we would help her make and sell Ice-Cream potong or Ice Cream Malaysia...
Al-Fatihah....may her soul be blessed by Allah SWT.

The year 2009 so far has also been plagued by the AH1N1 influenza epidemic that has affected the whole world including our dear country Malaysia. It all started in Mexico where at first scientist believed it was caused by pigs, and the flu was aptly named 'Swine-flu'. Then they discovered that it had nothing to do with pigs, but more of a flu-like influenza that spreads through salive (cough, sneeze etc) and if not treated could lead to death! So far Malaysia has reported nearly 80 deaths due to AH1N1 and schools here and there have been shut down due to the epidemic. Nowadays, if you have the slight flu, doctors will take it seriously and will definitely give you an MC and to be house-quarantined. That was what happened to Melissa just two nights ago, where she is currently house-quarantined for 5 days! Leilani has also caught the flu, but thank god, based on blood tests and x-rays, they had not contracted the AH1n1 virus, but merely a viral fever....alhamdulillah...

Mom bought a new car - what she calls a 'retirement' gift to herself. For around RM65K, she bought herself a cool new model Naza Citra...good for her...and for this, she had traded in my dear 'Pinchot'and exchanged it with her Kembara. So now I have a Kembara as a second car. But I do miss my 'Pinchot'....that cute lil' kancil has been with me through everything! From dating, as a shuttle bus for my UiTm housemates to and from classes, as the official 'Jam' vehicle to take me and my bandmates to all our jam sessions....even as a 'lorry' when we had to move house!...

My dear Maya just celebrated her 1st year b'day last 20th August. She has almost 3 teeth jutting out from her gums, and is such a smiley baby! She's on all fours now, crawling ever so speedingly around the house, and is just about trying to climb stuff. Yes, she can stand on her own, but have yet to take her first steps unaided. She babbles a lot and is such a mimick. A great fan of her dear sister, as she does what ever her sister does, especially when she screams! We had 2 birthday parties to celebrate her 1st year. One a week earlier from her actual date so we could invite firends and family over, and the other one on her real date, just us,and the grandparents. Leilani has been such a sporting sister and was very supportive towards her sister's do. Did not steal thunder...


Sharel and Izza's little 'Ummh' is expected to join us this coming Raya, Insya'Allah...they are both so excited that they've already did a few rounds of baby wear washing, and even bought a breast pump on standby! Oh, and Apak and Mum are as excited as any grandparents could be! Hopefully Izza WILL deliver by this Raya, as we already bought tickets (train) to spend Raya up North, and this will be the first Raya that my parents will spending at their son's house, instead of the traditional opposite way, where the kids are supposed to 'balik kampung' for Raya...
Already dreaming of Ayam Kak Teh is Padang Besar, and the Perlis Laksa (will spend Raya up in Perlis first before heading down to join Sharel in Sg Petani). This will be the kids' first LONG distance train ride...hope they like it!

Latest news as updated on 25 September 2009:

'Ummh' was born on 17th September 2009, 3 days shy of 1st Syawal....he has been officially named Umayr bin Sharel. Such a cute baby, and looks like Sharel when he was a baby. Alhamdulillah, Izza is well and Adik has assumed the role as a DADDY quite well....I am now officially an UNCLE.

Talking about Sharel and Izza, finally we did make a trip up to Sg Petani earlier this year to pay a visit to his new house. It's HUGE!! And the best thing is, it has a huge land area around the house! For the price he paid, it was such a steal! Glad and so proud of Sharel and Izza for achieving so much for a young married couple...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Leilani!

23 December 2008,

Happy Birthday Leilani!!!

My daughter is now 3 yrs old!!! Alhamdulillah...

we had such a busy weekend this week. Just so happens Leilani's birthday, 20th Dec fell on a Saturday....and on that particular Saturday too, my cousin sister Dina, was getting married to her long time boyfriend, Azmin...due to this, we arranged for Leilani's party to the next day...and this time it was slightly special as we had it by the poolside of our new abode, the apartment.

Lissa did most of the planning this time. She was awesome and very efficient in the planning. From the guests list, right up to the party invite. Mum, mama and Mak Atie helped a lot with the food...we had home made pizzas, fried bee hoon, chicken curry, and a lot more tid bits...

it was also a mini introduction to the family and friends of our new address....though we have yet to move permanently, but it was good to show them around, and mostly we got quite good feedbacks and opinions....

the poolside was really an ideal place for the event, as if we were to have had it in the apartment, it would've been really cramped and stuffy....and the kids especially loved the pool!!!

Leilani was more friendlier this time round as compared to the last 2 parties we had...she danced, and swam...she really enjoyed herself...which was our main objectives...I was kinda worried that the food may not be enough as I was expecting quite a few gate crashers from the wedding event, but Alhamdulillah everything went well...including the weather.

Leilani dearie, happy 3rd birthday!!!

Dada, Mama and Maya love you SO SO Much!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


09 December 2008

Earlier last week, whilst at work, I received a real big surprise. A call to my mobile from a headhunter. He introduced himself and where he was calling from, and then asked whether I was Sharezal, who used to work in Shangri-la and is now attached to Traders KL as an AFOM. Wow! I thought....impressive...

He explained that he was a head hunter, and was assigned by his clients to search for the right candidate for their organisation. Then he dropped the bomb. He was wondering whether I would be interested to fill in a vacant position of guess what, a GENERAL MANAGER of a hotel....not only 1 hotel, but to oversee THREE hotels within the same chain located around Malaysia!!! I almost dropped my mobile...and somewhere in my mind, I was just waiting for the guy on the other line to say "GOTCHA!" or "kantoi!!!"...but it never came...

I laughed at this stage, a GM??? and in charge of 3 hotels!!?? WOW!! Although it was too far fetched - it was indeed a great feeling to know that someone out there, actually had noticed me...and for such a big responsibility!!!

I thanked the guy for the call...he was firm in not revealing what hotel chain and how submitted my name....I told him i'll contact him and send my cv accordingly (which I have yet to do)

After the call, I was like on high heaven....floating the whole day a GM? wow!

perhaps one day.....insya'Allah....

Thursday, September 11, 2008



Today at work I received a big package address to myself via post. There were no senders name or any indication as to where the mail came from. Only my name and the hotel address in big bold letters, and RM3.50 worth of Malaysian stamps on the A3(?) sized bubble layered brown envelope. When I opened the envelope, I was shocked to see the letters or notes from the sender, but just 2 books...not any books, but my high school magazines/year book - one for 1994 and the other for 1995, my graduation year! Talk about EERIE!! I tried my level best to think who could be the one who sent them...and what was the motive? Why my school year book? and why to my hotel? I flipped through all the pages, hoping to find some scribbling or a note, but none was found. My friends at work who also thought it to be scary, asked me to see if my pictures in the magazines were marked or circled or something. But NONE, NIL, NADA! In the back of my mind I felt as if I was living through one of those Japanese horror movies....

I brought it back and showed it to Lissa. She said that there might be a stalker or something....shiver down my spine!!! But later, I took sometime to flip through the pages, and slowly I was brought back to my teenage years, back to school....oh the memories! All the friends I've not met for so long!! Then we were so close like brothers!! Although scary, but it was a nice trip back through memorylane...I didn't even remember being a TREASURER for my then Sports House...I was never THAT active in sports, nor to mention remember collecting any funds for the House!

I hope soon I'll get to solve this little mystery....but in the mean time, I'll just go back to school....the free and easy days.....glory-glory Victoria!

Monday, August 25, 2008


25.08.2008 - 2354hrs

Jaundice or demam kuning in malay!! I heard a lot about it but never cared to know more about it till it infects your own child!! All I know is that when a new born is diagnosed with jaundice, its skin is yellowish for a while and after treatment it will go away...

So Maya was diagnosed today with Jaundice....and poor mum and baby had to be detained in the hospital for further treatment.

So what is Jaundice?
As reporter below in

A common condition in newborns, jaundice refers to the yellow color of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by excess bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is produced by the normal breakdown of red blood cells.

Normally, bilirubin passes through the liver and is excreted as bile through the intestines. Jaundice occurs when bilirubin builds up faster than a newborn's liver can break it down and pass it from the body. Reasons for this include:
Newborns make more bilirubin than adults do since they have more turnover of red blood cells.

A newborn baby's still-developing liver may not yet be able to remove adequate bilirubin from the blood. Too large an amount of bilirubin is reabsorbed from the intestines before the baby gets rid of it in the stool.

High levels of bilirubin — usually above 25 mg — can cause deafness, cerebral palsy, or other forms of brain damage in some babies. In less common cases, jaundice may indicate the presence of another condition, such as an infection or a thyroid problem. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that all infants should be examined for jaundice within a few days of birth.

Types of Jaundice
The most common types of jaundice are:

Physiological (normal) jaundice: occurring in most newborns, this mild jaundice is due to the immaturity of the baby's liver, which leads to a slow processing of bilirubin. It generally appears at 2 to 4 days of age and disappears by 1 to 2 weeks of age.

Jaundice of prematurity: occurs frequently in premature babies since they are even less ready to excrete bilirubin effectively. Jaundice in premature babies needs to be treated at a lower bilirubin level than in full term babies in order to avoid complications.

Breastfeeding jaundice: jaundice can occur when a breastfeeding baby is not getting enough breast milk because of difficulty with breastfeeding or because the mother's milk isn’t in yet. This is not caused by a problem with the breast milk itself, but by the baby not getting enough to drink.

Breast milk jaundice: in 1% to 2% of breastfed babies, jaundice may be caused by substances produced in their mother's breast milk that can cause the bilirubin level to rise. These can prevent the excretion of bilirubin through the intestines. It starts after the first 3 to 5 days and slowly improves over 3 to 12 weeks.

Blood group incompatibility (Rh or ABO problems): if a baby has a different blood type than the mother, the mother might produce antibodies that destroy the infant's red blood cells. This creates a sudden buildup of bilirubin in the baby's blood. Incompatibility jaundice can begin as early as the first day of life. Rh problems once caused the most severe form of jaundice, but now can be prevented with an injection of Rh immune globulin to the mother within 72 hours after delivery, which prevents her from forming antibodies that might endanger any subsequent babies.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Jaundice usually appears around the second or third day of life. It begins at the head and progresses downward. A jaundiced baby's skin will usually appear yellow first on the face, followed by the chest and stomach, and finally, the legs. It can also cause the whites of an infant's eyes to appear yellow.
Since many babies are now released from the hospital at 1 or 2 days of life, it is best for the baby to be seen by a doctor within 1 to 2 days of leaving the hospital to check for jaundice. Parents should also keep an eye on their infants to detect jaundice.

If you notice your baby’s skin or eyes looking yellow you should contact your child's doctor to see if significant jaundice is present.

At the doctor's office, a small sample of your infant's blood can be tested to measure the bilirubin level. Some offices use a light meter to get an approximate measurement, and then if it is high, check a blood sample. The seriousness of the jaundice will vary based on how many hours old your child is and the presence of other medical conditions.

When to Call the Doctor
Your doctor should be called immediately if:
jaundice is noted during the first 24 hours of life
the jaundice is spreading or getting more intense
your baby develops a fever over 100° Fahrenheit (37.8° Celsius) rectally
if your child starts to look or act sick

Also call the doctor right away if the color deepens, your baby is not feeding well, or if you feel your baby is sleepier than usual. It is difficult to tell how significant jaundice is just by looking at a baby, so any baby who has yellow eyes or skin should be checked by the doctor.

In mild or moderate levels of jaundice, by 1 to 2 weeks of age the baby will take care of the excess bilirubin on its own. For high levels of jaundice, phototherapy — treatment with a special light that helps rid the body of the bilirubin by altering it or making it easier for your baby's liver to get rid of it — may be used.
More frequent feedings of breast milk or supplementing with formula to help infants pass the bilirubin in their stools may also be recommended. In rare cases, a blood exchange may be required to give a baby fresh blood and remove the bilirubin.

If your baby develops jaundice that seems to be from breast milk, your doctor may ask you to temporarily stop breastfeeding. During this time, you can pump your breasts so you can keep producing breast milk and you can start nursing again once the condition has cleared.

If the amount of bilirubin is high, your baby may be readmitted to the hospital for treatment. Once the bilirubin level drops and the treatment is stopped, it is unlikely that treatment for jaundice will need to be restarted.

Reviewed by: Larissa Hirsch, MDDate reviewed: June 2008

Fatherhood 2.0

25.08.2008 - 0100hrs

5 days since the birth of my second child, Maya....somehow, it still has not sunk in the fact that I'm now a father of 2 kids. Maybe because Maya is still sort of sleeping most of the time and Leilani's the one being so animated, in fact kind of extra animated nowadays....

Since the birth of Maya, I have put myself on a try and make the arrival of the little one as comfortable as possible for Leilani. I've read and heard a lot of tales of how the first born gets all jealous and stuff the moment he or she gets a younger sibling. So my quest is that - to try and make her not feel so jealous..

The first day Maya came back with us, it was kinda cute to see Leilani all upset because she can't play with her lil' sister who was always asleep. "I wanna play with baby!!" she kept crying out.

But signs of her jealousy could already been seen just as her mom was about to be discharged from the hospital. She insisted on sharing the wheelchair ride with her mom and Maya....

And lately, since being a big sis, Leilani seemed to be abit more naughtier the's as if she's trying to pull everyone's attention away from poor lil' Maya towards her....just like a lil' diva....

Well...I'm trying my level best to pay more atention to greeting her first, as I usually do, when I come home from work before actually seeing to the baby...I also try not to stress on the 'big sis', 'lil sis' when I talk to her...just try and act as normal as I can....somehow I always have this urge of buying pressies but I believe it would make things worst...

Hopefully, my dear Leilani will grow out of this whole situation and become a good, doting sister like every parent wishes for....then in the meantime, I could give my equal love an attention to my lil' Maya...
Ya Allah! Please give me thy strength and guidance to be a fair and loving father to both my beautiful princesses....Amin...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The miracle of birth, for the second time....


A very unique date indeed. And a very meaningful one for me....For on this date, my second daughter was born. Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, I proudly present to you, the latest addition to my familia, Ms Maya Sharezal.

Initially, her due date was expected to be on the 4th of September this year. However, somehow, fate was written for her to arrive sooner, and on such a unique date!!!

I received a call at work on 19 August, 2008 from Lissa at around 2pm to say that she had a very bad backache, and was on the way with her parents to PUSRAWI Hospital to meet her new favourite gynae, Dr Marsitah, who substituted Lissa's usual gynae, Dr Nora as she was away on holiday. Somehow after thorough check-up, Lissa was found to be already 3cm dialated and had to be admitted for monitoring. When Lissa told me this, I stupidly asked "Are you sure?" and Lissa answered, "no I'm not. So shall I meet you at the hospital?" Without any further delay, I rushed to my boss's office and told her that I had to zoom off.

Lissa was admitted in the Delivery Room of PMC at around 7-ish pm. By 9.30pm, her water broke.....and soon the contractions began, slowly but 1230am, it began to be more intensed, by the way Lissa was gritting her teeth, and also by the way my hands were being squeeazed. At first, being so called 'experienced' with the birth of our first born 2 and a half years ago, we thought that the whole thing would be a breeze....but lo and behold!!! This time round it was a drag, and the Lissa was in labor longer then her first child!!! At 0430hrs, Dr Marsitah, dropped by to check on things and suggested for some drip to further enhance the contractions to assist to guide the baby to find it's way downwards.....this meant more pain....poor Lissa....but she was strong!! Am very proud of matter how big a man's ego can be, surely he will crumble like a wimp if he experienced childbirth....I will be the first to admit it!!!

By 0830am on 20.08.08, Lissa was only about 8cm dialated.....we began to worry as it looks like there might be a possibility of a c-section....but alhamdulillah, after a gruesome 1 hour of really crazily painful contractions...(her fingers and knuckles while squeezing my hands were already turning from yellow to white!!!) at around 0930hrs, the doctor came in with her entourage and said - "this is it" And after about 4 really hard pushes, our 9.28kg baby Maya was born on 20.08.2008, at 0944hrs....


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Casa Impian

26 July 2008

I forgot to blog about one of the biggest thing that has happened so far in my 'boo-tiful' life....I and Lissa will soon have a home to call our OWN! Yup, our condo, apartment (whatever they want to call it!) is finally ready, and after the renovation works is done, we can soon move in!!!

In 2005, we invested in an apartment located between Mont Kiara and Segambut called Changkat View. It is a 4-blocked 25-storey condominium with 24 hour security, pool, gym bla-bla-bla and we came across it while house hunting that year. Then the last few units of block B was on sale and we were impressed with the showroom layout. Although for us the price was rather steep, (RM190k) but in that area, we believed that was the cheapest, plus it is located between Sri Gombak and we ended up purchasing a 3-roomed unit on level 5. (the higher you go, the deeper you'll have to dig in your pockets!)

So, earlier this year, we (finally!) received the keys, done all the defect tracking, found a suitably priced contractor, chose wall colors and cabinet finishings and pin pointed where to put additional power points in the house all the other 'standard' new home owner's routine. Probably by next month or two, Insya'Allah, we will be able to move in to our very own, micasa!!!

Wow...what a milestone in life! And what a PROCESS we had to go through!!!!

Will keep posted on the move in, house warming etc.....

New Job.

26 July, 2008

It's almost 2am and I just can't fall back asleep...thought I'd just catch up on my blog.

It has been almost 2 months since I joined Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur as an AFOM (Assistant Front Office Manager) and so far am enjoying every single bit of it. I feel like I'm contributing more here, and I have more say in my job. Maybe the main factor as to why I'm enjoying the work despite the long daily hours and the 1 day off per week, as compared to a 2-day off per week in Westin, is that my job scope covers my favourite area, the Concierge. You can say, although here I am in Traders as a AFOM, but I feel and am given the all systems go by my superior, to perform just like a Chef Concierge. I am given the challenge to lead and improve the department the best way I see it should be. And the best thing is, I have full support from the bosses all the way.

The highlight so far since I joined Traders was when I attended the Les Clefs d'Or bi-monthly meeting held recently in Sunway Hotel and Spa Resort. Although I've always been an active member, but this time, I was attending it as a Concierge boss, and even bringing along two of my team members, whom have never been exposed to the society before. I had as strong sense of responsibility in ensuring that this first time meeting for them was a memorable and lasting one, just like for me when I first attended the Les Clefs d'Or meeting years ago, with my then Chef Concierge - Mr R. Bahadur. I was glad that it turned out fine, plus the response from the other Chef Concierges from other hotels were also positive towards my presence, as 'AFOM, in charge of Concierge' which is very, VERY rare. They were all happy for me and some were even advicing me to request from my bosses to have the title 'Chef Concierge' added to my current post. Oh I wish it was that easy!

Apart from being the Concierge so called 'boss', I am also responsible of the Front Office Department, assisting Ms Nora, my FOM and Viv, my fellow AFOM. So in their absence, the whole Front Office Department, including the Concierge, Service Centre and Health Club & Spa, is fully under my care. Now that's a BIG heavy burden to carry! So I'd have to do a 'Speedy Gonzales' on learning the ropes and catching up on the processes and procedures to ensure that I don't crash and burn! My brief experience as a Duty Manager in Westin has a lot to do in my coordinating and executing this part of the adaptation process.

It is a bit hard to adjust with my now only 1 day off job, as I have been sort of pampered for a year with having 2 off days per week in Westin, but Alhamdulillah, Lissa and Leilani are both very supportive and understanding. Maybe my long hours at work does annoy Lissa a bit, but slowly I am tying to re-organise my time management at work, and she is slowly adapting to this too...It also helps that my new bosses and colleagues are quite caring are very reasonable with me in terms of working hours, and they are always encouraging for us all to have family time and all...Take for instance today, when I was supposed to work at 3pm, but suddenly Leilani had a bout of stomach ache, so I rushed her to the hospital at lunch time. I gave a call to Ms Nora to explain that I may be late for work, she responded by asking me to take the day off as 'family comes first'. Lissa was so jealous when I told her this, as her boss is so the opposite! Hehehe...

So, hopefully it all stays this way, or maybe for the better......We'll see as my 3rd month is coming up, and that's where I will sit through my review......wish me luck!